June 28, 2017

Joyride to the North Side of Milos


The island of Milos has been gifted with all blessings of nature, with stretches of golden sand and turquoise waters, with enchanting villages and breath-taking landscapes worth exploring.

Stunning from side to side, Milos invites you on an adventure to discover its wonders and secret treasures to the north of the island on the most fun and exciting joyride.

So, jump in your car or rental, put your seatbelt on and let’s head to the north to uncover the island’s most significant sights on our passing.



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Feel the summer’s vibrancy starting from the tourist spot of Pollonia, the scenic fishing village with the white washed houses, the picturesque taverns, the cafes and the beautiful church of Agia Paraskevi. Take a quick dive in the crystal clear waters of Apollonia beach, dry in the sun and get ready to step back in time.



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This place takes you back to the Neolithic Period around 3000 – 2000 BC when the ancient settlement of Filakopi was developed. The findings during the excavations in the 1890s are now housed in the Archeological Museum of Plaka.



Further tracing the paths of history, you reach the area of Papafragas from where you can clearly see the remains of the ancient city walls. If you enjoy snorkeling, get your gear on and explore the turquoise sea caves in the most enchanting of landscapes formed by the natural pool with the changing colored waters, the cliffs and the strip of sand.



Now that you’ve seen the past get ready to step on the moon as soon you will be reaching the extraordinary beach of Sarakiniko resembling a lunar landscape with hollows that has been sculpted by the island’s volcanic eruptions. Walk onto the moon and immerse in the emerald waters, swim through the sea caves and discover a world beyond imaginable.



Continuing to the marvelous fishing village of Mantrakia, the location itself will take your breath away and so will the beautiful traditional architecture of the houses carved on the rocks as an extension of the natural landscape. Small houses used for the storing of fishing boats around the small port.



Moving on the road you will reach the stunningly beautiful beach of Firopotamos with its crystalline waters hiding inside a small bay. On the hillside of the picturesque village of Firopotamos lays the blue-white church of Saint Nikolaos offering the most amazing views to the azure sea and the “syrmata”, the small fishermen houses curved out of the rock where the boats are stored.


Plathiena milos

But the ride must go on until you reach your final destination, the cobalt blue beach of Plathiena with the shallow waters, the marvelous views to Plaka and the intriguing rock formations. Plathiena is a beautiful beach, perfect for relaxation under the shade of the trees.

Your joyride to the north side of Milos has come to an end. All that is left for you to do is return to your hotel in Milos, get a good night sleep and wake to a new adventure as Milos is filled with hidden gems waiting to be discovered.