June 18, 2015
The cultural treasures of Milos
museums in Milos

The Aegean Sea offers a wide variety of islands you may choose to spend your summer vacations and it is known for the azure deep waters, the mild Mediterranean climate but also the rich cultural heritage.

If you find yourself in Milos, the south westernmost island in the Cyclades, you can benefit from your visit to this magical destination and explore not only the famous Milos beaches but also the cultural treasures of Milos, as 4 museums attract thousands of visitors from around the world every year.

Archaeological Museum

archaeological museum milos

The Archaeological Museum of Milos is located in Plaka and certainly worths a visit. The renowned German architect E. Ziller Valley designed this beautiful neoclassical building in 1870, with a wide variety of exhibits and findings coming from the Geometric, Classical and Hellenistic period.

Without a doubt, the most distinctive of the museum’s exhibits is the copy of the statue of Venus de Milos. Another impressive exhibit is the famous Lady of Phylakopi, which comes from the Mycenaean sanctuary of the 14th century B.C.

Similarly, one can admire the outdoor exhibits, real gems perfectly matching with the museum, as well as works done by local potters and painters.

Folklore & History Museum

folkfore museum milos

If you are interested to dig into the past and more precisely into a typical household of the 19th century in Milos, you definitely have to visit the Folklore & History Museum of Milos situated behind the church of Panaghia Korfiatissa in Plaka.

The museum is not an exact representation of a certain type of a household of Milos, but offers the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the aspects of life of the inhabitants of Milos after the 17th century, mostly from 1850 up to 1930, which was a peak period for the Melian society. Get a picture about their dealings inside and outside the house, their influences from other regions, their nutritional preferences and their ways of entertainment.

Mining Museum

Mining_Museum milos

Another museum that certainly one needs to visit if he desires to uncover the rich geological and mining activity of Milos is the Mining museum, founded in 1998 with the support of the largest mining company of the island, S&B industrial minerals S.A. .

The principal exhibits, like samples of minerals and fossil specimens, are accompanied by a great variety of photos, videos and information on their uses and show, in their own way, the mineral wealth of the island, paying also a tribute to the mineral peculiarity of Milos.

Also, it needs to be highlighted that the museum realizes organized geologic walks, as wll as educational programs, pedagogic and recreational activities in order for the younger visitors to participate in.

Naval Museum

naval museum milos

The Naval Museum, operating from September 2008, is housed over the Adamantas harbor, in the building of the old Community of Milos. It was created by the doctor Peter Armenis with the main goal to collect exhibits relating to the vast maritime activity in Milos. The exhibits range from the prehistoric era with tools made of obsidian, the battle of Salamis and also the modern times. Don’t miss the enchanting opportunity to admire rare maps from the hands of special cartographers, as well as the famous wooden boat “Irene”. 

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