April 11, 2016

Egg-ceptional Milos

easter in milos

The fragrant aromas from the wild flowers, the poppies and daisies in Milos create the most egg-ceptional atmosphere for an unforgettable Easter holiday in this beautiful island of the Cyclades. Get ready to experience the most traditional events of the passion week…the Melian way!

epitafios milos

Every year Milos follows a series of events for the celebration of Easter attracting travelers from all over the world. The original customs along with the friendly people and the island’s incredible natural beauties make Milos a number one destination for your Easter festivities.


On Holy Wednesday the locals reenact the “Washing of the Feet” at the historical church of Panagia Portiani at Zefyria, just like Jesus did with his 12 disciples. On Holly Thursday all churches in the island decorate the “epitaph” with flowers adding thus a bit of extra scent into the atmosphere. In the morning of Good Friday visitors can witness the removal of Christ from the cross in the scenic village of Plakes while at night they can observe the enactment of the crucifixion.

easter in milos

On Saturday morning visitors and locals alike can participate in the liturgy of the first resurrection while at night the second resurrection is traditionally celebrated all over Milos with the “lampada” candles and the fireworksOn Sunday, the entire island stands in awe between the villages of Triovasalos and Pera Triovasalos to experience up close the custom of the gunpowder during which the two churches of the villages, Agios Spyridonas and Agios Georgios throw dynamites at each other. First the entire village gathers at the central church to burn Judas who is hanging from the early morning hours and then the bells are rung for 3 times in a row. After the 3rd ring the gunpowder battle begins.

fireworks milos

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Back in the day instead of burning Judas, the younger inhabitants would create a big swing on which they sat until the assumption. This ritual symbolized the revival of nature and it was also a lover’s trap as young men would meet young girls on the swing and fall in love.

So, if you wish to fall in love or experience up close the passion week while enjoying your holidays in one of the most incredible islands of the Cyclades plan your Easter escape at Melian boutique hotel & spa in Milos and enjoy an egg-ceptional holiday drenched in luxury.