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April 27, 2016

Delve into the “Blues” of Serenity

beach in milos island

We went through the top beaches of Milos, from the bedazzling landscape of Kleftiko to the rocky Fyriplaka beach, the fully organized beach of Paleochori, the sandy beach of Plathiena and the scenic beach of Agia Kyriaki. But what if your rather swim in calm? What if you rather dive in tranquillity and peace? Then get ready to delve into the “blues” of serenity at some of the island’s most scenic beaches.

1. Sarakiniko

sarakiniko beach milos

Famous for its magical lunar landscape Sarakiniko is one of the must visit beaches of Milos. Formed by volcanic rocks this exceptional beach is the perfect choice for sunbathing and snorkelling adventures.

2. Tsigrado

tsigkrado milos greece

Tsigrado is one of the most marvellous beaches in the southern part of Milos enclosed by rocky cliffs. It is a favourite spot for young swimmers as access to the beach is quiet difficult. 

3. Firopotamos

Firopotamos is a stunningly beautiful beach combining the authentic character of Milos with the scintillating beauty of an exotic beach. This beautiful beach offers easy access to the swimmers as well as sunbeds and a canteen to quench the thirst of bathers throughout the day.

4. Gerontas

gerontas milos

Gerontas is a tranquil and unspoiled beach perfect for nature lovers who are fond of swimming and diving. Travelers will have to walk for 20 minutes in order to get to the beach but the scenic landscape and cyan crystalline waters will make the walk worth it.

5. Papafragkas

papafragkas milos

Papafragas is a tiny sandy beach with cerulean waters that looks like a swimming pool. It’s unspoiled scenic beauty makes it a favourable spot on the island even though access to the beach is a bit difficult.

Whether seeking for a tranquil escape, an exotic beach, a lunar landscape, a secluded cove or a popular organized beach, Milos has it all. Visit the beautiful island of Milos and “seas” the day as you open your eyes to the endless cerulean vistas.