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June 2, 2017

Exclusive Sailing Around Milos

beaches in Milos

Stunning, breathtaking, the island of Milos welcomes you to sail through its magnificence. Get ready to reach the unreached, discover its hidden treasures and unravel its natural beauties one by one while sailing into the endless Aegean on a private boat.

Created by millions of years of volcanic eruptions, the island of Milos features some of the most spectacular landscapes, peculiar formations and the most dazzling 139 km coastlines. A series of icons that can be better viewed by sea through a variety of sailing tours and boat excursions.

Visit some of the 70 most spectacular beaches of Milos that can only be reached by boat. Swim in emerald waters and visit some of the most incredible sites and virgin islands nearby while relaxing in the luxurious environs of a private vessel. Embark on a journey from Pollonia, to South Kimolos and the virgin island Poliegos, a Natura 2000 protected land, known for its scintillating waters and intriguing volcanic formation.

Sail through the blues of the Aegean while relishing fine fusion Mediterranean flavors and refreshing drinks and get ready to bask in the sun on some of the most spectacular beaches of the island with all comforts and conveniences at hand.


The Melian boutique hotel & spa offers an amazing range of exclusive sailing tours and boat excursions around Milos for all types of travelers, whether travelling with friends, your dear family or your significant other.

To visit the hidden gems of Milos, book online your boat excursion here:

Set sail to the exclusive side of Milos and get ready for a truly awakening sailing experience in the Cyclades!