February 10, 2016

Milos: Break through the Blues

jet ski

The magnificent coastal scenery of Milos, its volcanic remains and remarkable formations are defiantly worth exploring. Combine this truly exciting discovery with some of the most thrilling water sports adventures and feel your soul with the energy of the sea.

  1. Snorkeling


The seabed of Milos is a world of its own that one can discover at ease. Swim and snorkel into the blue and marvel the underwater flora and fauna at your own pace. Grab your diving mask, your snorkel and wetsuit and open your eyes to the treasures of the sea.

  1. Canoe-Kayak

cayak milos

Milos is an island filled with stunning sea cavesexotic coastlinesmajestic geological formations and extraordinary coves waiting to be explored. Get ready to row through the islands crystalline waters, discover the wonders of the sea and the natural beauties hidden in the islands nearby.

  1. Scuba Diving

Scubadiving milos

Dive into the colourful underwater world of Milos and prepare for the most exciting deep sea exploration. Uncover one by one the exotic beauties of the seabed as you pass through the underwater caves, the reefs and wreckages, marvel the rare species of seals, lobsters and blackfish and splash your troubles away. The island of Milos features two diving schools both for expert divers and beginners. The choice is yours!

4.  Jet ski

jet ski

Jet skis and pedaloes are also available for hire at most organized beaches on the island so prepare yourself for a lot of summer action.

5. Tubes

tubes milos

The younger visitors can also enjoy themselves during their holidays and experience the high-speed thrill of water tubes.

Whatever your preference, the island of Milos welcomes you to partake at some of the most exhilarating water sports adventures, uncover the island’s most treasured secrets, exercise your muscles, free your soul and enjoy the most exciting days at sea.