May 26, 2016

The Active Side of Milos

sports in milos

Even though laying on the beach is desired by many there are travelers who prefer to take it up a notch and turn their holidays into an adventureMilos is the perfect place to live your dreams and follow your passions as it offers a great range of activities for everyone to enjoy. Sit back, relax and let’s uncover together the active side of Milos.


Embark on a boat or kayak from Adamas and discover the Meteora rocks of the Sea as well as the majestic volcanic formations and inaccessible beautiful beaches of Milos.

 kayak milos



Rent a private yacht and visit the hidden gems of Milos, the remote coves, the miraculous sea caves on your own pace and convenience. Hop to the nearby islands and sail you worries away!

  sailing yachting milos


Milos offers many off-roads making the island a perfect place for motorcycling. Ride amidst the greatness of nature and through some of the most amazing landscapes.

motorcycling milos



If you wish to climb high get ready for an extraordinary experience as the island of Milos doesn’t just allow climbers to climb on high mountains but also on enormous rocks right by the Aegean Sea.

climbing milos


Revitalize your senses while on the island of Milos at one of the many hot springs that are scattered throughout the island. All springs are well known for their therapeutic powers and offer a truly unforgettable wellness experience to all travelers.

wellness milos


Visit the renovated Lakkou thermals at the cave of Hippocrates in Adamantas and welcome a new era of wellness.

thermal adamas


Whether you wish to completely relax, pump up your adrenaline, exercise your muscles, escape in nature or set off on a thrilling exploration, the island of Milos gives you a chance to enjoy the holiday of your dreams. Stay tuned for more thrilling activities including hiking adventures and geological tours in Milos!